Torm's Order of the Shining Blade

Tenets of the Order

There are no alignment requirements to be a member of the Shining Blade (although membership tends more towards the lawful and good areas of the spectrum). The Order honors Torm as an exemplar of the fight for knowledge, but it does not require its agents to follow his specific doctrine, or any particular god’s. Individuals of every persuasion and every walk of life can join their ranks, as long as their hearts are curious and their minds open.

In the end, the Order is a force for Truth…nothing more and nothing less.

All members of the Shining Blade are considered honor-bound to the following Truth-based tenets:

  • Find the Truth. No matter the cause for secrecy, the world will prosper in the light. 
  • Expose the Lies. Where there are lies, there is truth waiting to be found. Bring these lies to the light so they can wither and the truth can blossom.
  • Permit No Perjury. Do not intentionally convey a falsehood. You must set the example for others to follow.
  • Judge the Deceivers. Enlighten the ignorant; admonish the oblivious; judge the malicious. Those that take pleasure or gain power through their falsehood cannot go unpunished.
  • Be Merciful. Omit the truth ONLY when its presence would cause greater harm. Even light may blind.

Certain tenets are applied more leniently for those who are not paladins. For example, often it is advantageous to disguise oneself, to evade detection. This is not typically considered “deception” any more than changing one’s clothes or cutting one’s hair might.

The deception would occur if someone tried to use these skills to pass themselves off as another specific person, or as being a member of a very specific group.

If you are a paladin, however, remember this: these tenets are the least negotiable for you, and you will be judged the most harshly for any perceived breach.