Torm's Order of the Shining Blade

Important NPCs

The following are all significant, named non-player characters that appeared during the course of the campaign, in order of appearance. (Other NPCs appeared, but were either unnamed or well-known entities of the setting.)

Warning: These descriptions contain spoilers for the campaign story!

Chapter 1: Bayn o’Boon

“Mad” Maud – a “witch” who was unjustly lynched by the youth of a nearby town
Inspector Damien – Leader of “Investigative Squad Chimera” of TOSB

Chapter 2: The “Gauntlet”

Ivan – the less-than-enthused clerical grader of the Order’s entrance rites
“Jeremy the Bandit King” – one of the obstacles to be overcome in the Gauntlet
Dale – a sleeping employee who played the role of the final boss Lord Skellington

Chapter 3: Spring Festival

Vadrey – a halfling classmate in Amber House who accidentally summoned a boggle
Larry and Stan – night guards at the Order’s College
? – the undiscovered hooligan who tricked Vadrey; also surreptitiously guarded the classrooms during Spring Festival eve
Headmaster Leon – responsible for the students at the College

Chapter 4: In the Bleak Midwinter

Major Thormond – Commandant of the Order’s College
Jakob – the ill-fated elder of Coventry, who was summoned to speak at the Order
Father Nicholas – the local legend who many believed guarded the town of Coventry
Father Stefan – young priest of Lathander in Coventry
Krampus – the errand-boy of the true devil behind Coventry’s misfortunes
Brother Sorel – the cultist responsible for the summoning of devils in Coventry; also possessed the first instance of the Living Keys
Brelgreroth – the abishai responsible for Brother Sorel’s fall to evil
The Toymaker – the devil who’d replaced Father Nicholas in Coventry and engineered its transportation into Hell
Judge Minos – supreme judge of hell, who voided the Toymaker’s contract

Interlude 1: A Name of Their Own

Julia – the newly orphaned girl who the agents saved and located an orphanage and tutor for
Salim – Asura’s brother, responsible for the cleric’s nickname
Mistress Claudia – headmistress of Ilmater’s Home for Dispossessed Children, the orphanage Gorodash did not choose
Finn the human barkeep – a point of contact between Asura and his old friends

Chapter 5: Of Flesh and Favors

Granny Gertrude Gunksbottom – a sewer witch, who used people’s trash and refuse for her scrying
Miss Maureen Mudpoggle and Mamma Marian Muckbabbler – two lost members of Gertrude’s coven, last seen near Songhal
Ilvarthaele Everstone, the Silver Stag – the Herald now in charge of Songhal, and a lich
Wart and Sabel – a halfling son and mother combination, both of which who were unaware of their own demise
Boris – a Songhal guard who made mirth of losing a limb
Bretva – a dwarf lady resident of Songhal
Sarnelis – an elf cleric/warlock in Songhal responsible for the “reawakening” of its citizens, and its last living resident
Raggrim – Sarnelis’s butler
Olanala – Sarnelis’s wife and one treasure
The Nameless – a new god credited with reviving a wounded Songhal into its present state
The Librarian – the mummified attendant of the House of Many Tomes
Khongkhortai – author of a rare book concerning beasts of burden in the Endless Wastes

Chapter 6: The Skin of Another

Miss Moongrace – Julia’s tutor
Valdove – member of an ill-fated adventuring group to the Yuirwood; was the party spellcaster
Umeren – priest of Ghaunadaur, who left a Spellscar pilgrimage to establish a living temple to the god of oozes and aberrations
Syldrey – member of an ill-fated adventuring group to the Yuirwood; was the party rogue
Garlyn– leader of an ill-fated adventuring group to the Yuirwood; was the party ranger; secretly dispatched by Zhentarim with a Living Key to investigate the temple
Sevrin – member of an ill-fated adventuring group to the Yuirwood; was the party fighter
Drirzer Ridiga – Zhentarim Ardragon that gave Garlyn his assignment

Chapter 7: A Glimmer of Hope

Ebtharn Hornblower – an outcast of duergar city Khern Mordur
“First Citizen” Ragmyr Shieldbreaker – the de facto leader of the Khern Mordur commune
Bhardek Darkdelver – duergar in charge of expeditions into the Underdark
Gwynselle Goldbender – duergar enchanter and the least appreciative of the kuo-toa
Grenmund Forgemaster – Khern Mordur master of the forges
Magrik – intensely psionic derro hermit near Khern Mordur
“Shrieks” – cranium rat owned by Magrik
Farkyl Yorekeeper – story teller of Khern Mordur
Queen “Bloppdagadil” – leader of the kuo-toa village on Lake Roolileh
Lutulu – the eldritch horror successfully trapped beneath the waters of Lake Roolileh

Chapter 8: House on Haunted Hill

Dhenna Shavres – Former Red Wizard of Thay and founder of Rose Keep in Aglarond
Tharna Shavres – daughter of Dhenna and heir to her dark secrets
Dorim Craigcatcher – dwarf Red Wizard battle mage, co-owner of Rose Keep
Vanargen – human Red Wizard warlock of the stars, co-owner of Rose Keep
Trelaphin – author of a rare and valuable guide to reasoning and logic
Orazio – lecturer at the Order’s College; developed the specific cosmological model used for the campaign, known as the “Cascade of Souls”
Keepers of the Cerulean Order – an old order devoted to fighting incursions from the Far Realms
Thindhul – veteran of the Empyrean Knights at Stardeep, who now lived defending Sildëyuir from nilshai
Glyndryn – Thindhul’s husband
Beidan – Thindhul and Glyndryn’s son
Kalarel – son of Tharna Shavras, ne’er-do-well responsible for the Red Wizards’ lengthy imprisonment
Salma Shavres – daughter of Tharna, granddaughter of Dhenna, and current majority shareholder of Rose Keep

Interlude 2: Close to Home

Lord Ganlin “Hightower” Relindar – governor of the province of Filur, which contains Songhal; eventually dies from poisoning
Brardokk Steel Cleaver – orc chef for The Terrace, a former adventurer who turned his skills to the culinary arts
The Irontoes – dwarvish stonecutter clan that expanded the mines that predated Impiltur; helped found the now-abandoned city of Marnheim
Impil Mirandor – responsible for founding what would become Lyrabar (and eventually Impiltur) in -135 DR
Ash – Rock’s awakened mimic staff
Bongo the bongo – Berkin’s awakened mimic drum
Milo – a kobold ghost and former friend of Berkin’s that refused to pass on
Randis Gorodzo – owner of one of two feuding artisan guilds in Lyrabar; responsible for the creation of erratic “construct” servants

Chapter 9: Savings Ensured

Lord Veu Clearridge – one of the seven bank executives of Lyrabar’s Royal Bank and Trust; secretly a dragon cultist
Korvicros “the Indulgent” / Korvicros “the Gilded” – the former copper dragon (now dracolich) that used to guard Impiltur’s gold bullion, before absconding with it
King Ironstriker – first king of Marnheim
Drajet Traginza – lead representative of the Sembian Cult of the Dragon to Korvicros; disguised himself as Lord Clearridge after the bank executive’s early demise
Wyrmspeaker Zannaster – one of the leaders of the Sembian Cult of the Dragon; lent a a Staff of the Undying Command to Drajet Traginza after Korvicros’s awakening ritual went awry
The “Undying Lord” – an entity referenced in a letter written by Zannaster

Chapter 10: The City of Serpents

Colonel Thenouk Leadmaker – dwarvish officer in charge of Order Requisitions
The Sootmanes – a goliath clan that moved to Impiltur after their home was destroyed by rampaging giants; knew the secret of enchanting weapons and armor with magical runes
Raashrugoth – a lizardfolk owner of a potions shop in Hlondeth, and a contact for the Order; his murder was used to frame the agents
Medusanna Mhairdaul – high priestess of the Cathedral of Emerald Scales, the church of Varae/Sseth in Hlondeth
“Captain Mandrilsu” – the fake name Medusanna gave to the agents when in disguise
? – Medusanna’s “lieutenant”; apparently skilled in both truesight and powerful mind enchantments
Taipan” – pseudonym for “artist” that coated Jhaamdath artifacts with lead-based materials, before their secret auctioning
Captain Yinlar – elf captain of the local Hlondeth city guard, skilled in persuasive magic, and accomplice to the artifact smuggling