Torm's Order of the Shining Blade

Equipment Purchases / Crafting

I. Purchasing Your Equipment

A. “Sane Magic Prices”

“Mundane items” (non-magical items) follow the prices listed in the Player’s Handbook (or relevant WotC sourcebook). Magical items, on the other hand, require special treatment. Since not all magical items are created equal (even within the same rarity), we will be using Saidoro’s “Sane Magic Prices” to give some granularity to each item.

The following is one page from the guide. Click it or the lick beneath it to download and open the file:

Click on image to download entire list; or, click below!

It’s possible to reskin items for the same price. For example, if you’d rather have a “Mace of Wounding” instead of a “Sword of Wounding” (for 2,000g), just contact the DM.

[Dungeon Master’s Note: Players who successfully completed Mission 9: House on Haunted Hill have an additional option for purchasing equipment: the Red Wizards at Rose Keep. Mechanically, this means that the Discerning Merchant’s Price Guide is ALSO available for use. However, players must choose between using only one purchasing guide or the other; they cannot mix and match for best results. (In comparison, the Discerning Merchant’s Price Guide often prices magical equipment more cheaply, but consumables more expensive.) The Discerning Merchant’s Price Guide is not a free resource; contact the DM if you wish to use it.]

B. Individually-Assessed Items

For the time being, objects not appearing in the “Sane Magical Prices” guide (because they appear in other sources) are being individually assessed. (This may change in the future.) This includes homebrewed items specially-approved by the DM:

1. From WotC Sources

Blasting Powder (EGW)120 gp
Cloak of Billowing (XGtE)250 gp
Cloak of Many Fashions (XGtE)500 gp
Hat of Vermin (XGtE)350 gp
Horn of Silent Alarm (XGtE)300 gp
Insignia of Claws (HotDQ)1000 gp
Pipe of Smoke Monsters (XGtE)50 gp
Pole of Collapsing (XGtE)55 gp
Staff of Birdcalls (XGtE)70 gp
Tangler Grenade (WDMM)960 gp
Tattoos (UA2020):
Barrier Tattoo
Eldritch Claw Tattoo
Ghost Step Tattoo
Spellwrought Tattoo

1500 gp
6000 gp
8000 gp
as per scroll of same level
Wand of Smiles / Frowns (XGtE)60 gp

2. From Third-Party Sources

Arrow, Explosive:
100 gpArrow, Grapple:
100 gp
Arrow, Injection:
100 gpArrow, Switching
50 gp
Arrow, Torpedo:
100 gpJaheira’s Voice:
This amulet can read the thoughts of its wearer and transform them into any spoken language the wearer knows. This effect works while the user is wild-shaped or polymorphed.
It does not allow the user to cast spells that require a verbal component.
1000 gp
Instruction Manual (Tools):
Choose a set of tools: (Artisans, Brewers, Tinkerer’s, etc.) You must spend at least a month of downtime studying this book.
As long as you have this book in your immediate possession, you gain proficiency with the associated tools.
250 gp

3. Homebrew

Cane of the Adder1025 gp1d6 piercing2 lb.Martial(see below)
(Click to enlarge.)

War Whip2 gp1d8 slashing2 lb.Martial
Notes: This is essentially the slashing version of the flail or the war pick; its only advantage to the longsword is in its weight and cost.

Pipe of Malicious Smoke Monsters50 gpspecial(see below)
(Click to enlarge.)

Smoke Bomb (Stage)5 gp1 lb.Thrown
Properties: This alchemist’s potion erupts in a cloud of smoke when shattered. When broken (using an Action), it fills a sphere with a 5 foot radius (9 squares), as per Fog Cloud. The sphere spreads around corners, and its area is heavily obscured. It lasts for 1 minute or until a wind of moderate or greater speed (at least 10 miles per hour) disperses it.

C. Banned items

The following items from the Sane Magical Prices list are banned for being game unbalancing:

II. Crafting Your Own Equipment

A. Crafting Disciplines

As long as player characters have at least one tenday of uninterrupted time to work, and proficiency with the related tools, they can craft any number of (non-legendary) magical items that still fall within their wealth-by-level value. Players craft item types corresponding to their tools, in keeping with the list below:

  • Smith’s tools: Armor, weapons, ammunition, metal gear and accessories
  • Weaver’s tools: Cloaks, capes, robes, cloth gear, bags, and accessories
  • Tinkerer’s tools: Trinkets, ammunition, clockwork
  • Leatherworker’s tools: Leather armor, leather gear, bags, boots
  • Jeweler’s tools: Rings, necklaces, gems, jeweled gear, amulets, gemcutting
  • Alchemist’s tools: Potions/elixirs, acid vials/alchemist’s fire/and similar
  • Cobbler’s tools: Boots
  • Glassblower’s tools: Glasswork
  • Herbalism kit: Antitoxin, potions
  • Poisoner’s kit: Poison
  • Potter’s tools: Pottery, ceramics

Items crafted by players can be done at 20% discount off the customary stated prices. (However, if the players plan to sell their craftsmanship and turn a profit, it may take some time to find an appropriate buyer.)

Players must still follow all other applicable rules for equipment (for example, regardless of how much they craft, they may only carry 1/3 of total character wealth in consumables).

B. Crafting Scrolls

Scrolls are unique items and must be crafted as per adjusted rules for “Scribing a Spell Scroll” from Xanather’s Guide to Everything.

Scribing a spell scroll first requires expending an amount of gold equal to the value of the scroll as per current pricing guides (reproduced in the table below for convenience.) In addition, the character must have proficiency in the Arcana skill and must provide any unusual material components required for the casting of the spell. Moreover, the character must have the spell prepared, or it must be among the character’s known spells, in order to scribe a scroll of that spell. If the scribed spell is a cantrip, the version on the scroll works as if the caster were 1st level.

Remember: Scrolls can only be read, understood, and cast by spellcasters who have the spell in their spell list.

Scroll LevelValueScroll LevelValue
010 gp5640 gp
160 gp61280 gp
2120 gp72560 gp
3200 gp85120 gp
4320 gp910240 gp
DON’T FORGET! When crafting these scroll items, take 20% off the listed value above!

C. Current Party Discounts

Thanks to the tool proficiencies of the current adventurers, members enjoy the following discounts during downtime, thanks to their party members crafting in their off time:

  • 20% off all potions and antitoxins, thanks to Rock-in-Water (herbalist kit)
  • 20% off all poisons, thanks to Charli Adder (poisoner’s kit)
  • 20% off all armor, weapons, ammunition, “metal gear,” thanks to Jasper (smith’s tools)
  • 20% off all boots, thanks to Jasper (cobbler’s tools)
  • 20% off all UA Tattoos, thanks to Alexis (calligrapher’s tools)
  • 20% off all Cleric spell scrolls, thanks to Asura (proficiency in Arcana)
  • 20% off all Druid spell scrolls, thanks to Rock (proficiency in Arcana)
  • 20% off all Warlock spell scrolls, thanks to Alexis (proficiency in Arcana)
  • 20% off all Wizard spell scrolls, thanks to Alston (proficiency in Arcana)