Torm's Order of the Shining Blade

Ranks / Requisition Notes

“Ranks” and Levels

Player character levels are roughly analogous to ranks within the Order, as detailed by the following table:

LevelRank HeldLevelRank Held
2Private10Chief Inspector
3Private First Class11Junior Officer
6Field Agent14Major

Wealth by Level

Whenever the characters are promoted, they are given a Requisition Note to signify their new status and increased responsibilities. A Requisition Note allows a character to completely re-outfit themselves once, for free, before their next mission. (A character only receives one Requisition Note at the start of their newest level. They cannot freely exchange items with the Order again until they reach their next level, though there are sometimes narrative-related exceptions.)

Using as a starting point, we can construct the following table for characters “beginning” at each level:

LEVELTotal Wealth (gp)Consumables ValueLEVELTotal Wealth (gp)Consumables Value
1starting equip.914,6004,900
2starting equip.*1018,000 12,000*6,000 4,000*
53,600 1,2001347,00015,700
77,5002,500*Story-related restrictions
89,4003,200Nonmagical only

Players may choose any combination of magic items from the Dungeon Master’s Guide and similar sourcebooks, as long as:

  • the total value of all items carried does not exceed the number in the “Total Wealth” column, and
  • the number of consumables (potions, scrolls, etc.) does not exceed 1/3 of the total value (rounded up to the nearest 100 gp).

(Note: parties of characters are allowed to pool their collective value if a particularly-expensive item catches their eye.)

Resetting After Missions

When agents return home from a field mission, the Order of the Shining Blade’s offices lay claim to the following items:

  • Any items and equipment originally issued from the Requisitions office.
  • Any items and equipment crafted with materials issued from the Requisitions office.
  • All unused coinage.
  • Any items acquired in the field with an individual sell value of at least 10 gold pieces (subject to change).

Players are permitted to retain any of the above items for their next mission, but their value is counted against their wealth-by-level for purposes of the Requisition Note.

(The in-universe explanation for this arrangement is that the Order uses procured equipment to outfit other active or incoming agents. Mechanically, it restricts players to a defined linear power progression that can be adjusted between missions, in case the DM feels the players are either overpowered or under-equipped.)

Of course, this raises the question of how players might create their own personal coin purse. Here are a few ways players can increase their value without it counting against their wealth-by-level:

  • Investing resources in non-material goods and services (e.g. land, personal debts and favors, investments).

Now that you have an idea how much “wealth” your character is supposed to possess, click here to go shopping!