Torm's Order of the Shining Blade

Charli Adder – Undisclosed Background


Height: 5’10”
Weight: 140 lbs
Eye Color: Black
Date of Birth: [xx-xx-xxxx]
Race: Yuan-ti Pureblood
Known aliases: Ostium d’Extaminos

Mr. Adder has been magically compelled to give an account of his life events to the best of his recollection in accordance with Order protocol. The following report is to be considered truthful and accurate.

Mr. Adder is the son of Arvin and Karrel Adder. He has one sister named Mabel Adder. Individual dossiers of these persons have been compiled and filed in the archives. 

Mr. Adder was removed from his family at the approximate age of 6 years old by members of House Extaminos, the ruling Yuan-ti royalty of the city of Hlondeth. Mr. Adder was trained and tutored by inquisitioners and quickly developed investigation skills while routing out members of a renegade faction of humans who were trying to unseat the Extaminos family. 

His field performance caught the eye of Hlondeth’s Queen, Lady Extaminos. Mr. Adder was then sent to Westgate at the age of 16 in order to infiltrate their guard force. He was inducted as a rookie but quickly climbed the ladder to investigator. His orders from House Extaminos were as follows:

  1. To aid Hlondeth in bypassing inspections of ships trading in Westgate, which are believed to have been transporting magical contraband and slaves between Yuan-ti cities.
  2. To compile information on organizations operating in Westgate. These included enemies of the state as well as nefarious allies to the state.
  3. When possible, to deflect attention away from Hlondeth and frame Hlondeth’s enemies for any crimes committed. 
  4. To keep a coded, detailed account of events and submit reports bi-monthly to House Extaminos.

Mr. Adder was very successful in these dealings. However, over time he grew close to his apprentice, a halfling woman named Verna Jamjar. They worked together for more than 10 years and developed a deep sense of trust and reliance. Together, they took down high profile members of several organized crime syndicates, nefarious cults, and varied murderers and vagrants which plagued Westgate. All while Mr. Adder discreetly aided and abetted House Extaminos.

Eventually, Mrs. Jamjar discovered Charli’s true identity. She did not betray him, believing him to be good at heart. She then secretly conducted her own investigation into Charli’s family amd found that House Extaminos had murdered his parents out of revenge for events that took place before his birth. Mrs. Jamjars investigations did not go unnoticed by House Extaminos.

In order to ensure that Mr. Adder would not be compromised and would remain an effective agent of Hlondeth, House Extaminos slaughtered Mrs. Jamjar, her husband and her two children while Mr. Adder was forced to witness. Mrs. Jamjar had cleverly hidden the findings of her investigation which Charli found after she was murdered.

Though Yuan-ti are reputed to be unburdened by emotion and loss, Mr. Adder is an apparent exception. He displays signs of psychological trauma related to the murder of his friends and family, and authentic remorse for aiding house Extaminos. He seems to blame house Extaminos for their cruelty. However, he blames himself both for becoming attached as well as his failure to prevent any of it from happening.

After these events, instead of falling in line, Mr. Adder fled Westgate and House Extaminos. He chanced upon agents of the Order in the midst of a mission to which he rendered aid. After learning about the Order, knowing he was a hunted man and without anywhere to turn, he confessed his crimes to the agent and asked for refuge in the Order.

Mr. Adder has been compliant in providing information about Hlondeth, the Extaminos family and a wide range of people and organizations operating out of Westgate.