Torm's Order of the Shining Blade


Current Campaign Characters:

The following are ordered alphabetically (not by order of importance).

Alexis Farskies

Description: Human Warlock, Seeker Archetype (UA)


Alexis originally hails from a bardic college in Waterdeep, far to the northwest in Faerûn. He also spent time studying in Candlekeep (further south on the same Sword Coast), before a desire for travel led him to Impiltur and the Order.

Reasons for joining the Order:

Much of Alexis’s past history and motives are shrouded in secrecy; he shares his innermost thoughts with only those who have gained his implicit trust. The Order keeps a sealed file on his character, but they have not yet seen the need to breach his confidence or press him for answers.

Undisclosed Background:

Because of Alexis’s secrecy, the following passages from Alexis’s life are (at least for now) privy only to him:

Alexis Farskies – Extended Background

Artist Credit – Juliana Wilhelm

Alston Garrick

Description: Gnome Wizard, School of Chronurgy (EGtW)


Alston is a native of Silverymoon, having grown up in the busy metropolis of northwest Faerûn. He was a student of the University of Silverymoon, where he learnt his trade as a mage. He was quickly involved with the Harpers in investigating crimes and ensuring the safety of the metropolis.

Reasons for joining the Order:

Overtime Alston became disillusioned with the secrecy of the Harpers and began to question their motives. This led Alston to look at other places to sate his hunger for mysteries to solve and truth to be uncovered. Like many gnomes Alston loves a good mystery, thoroughly enjoying learning and understanding the world. He has a keen mind for investigation and this attracted him to the Order.

Alyusha “Asura” Maxim

Description: Human Cleric, Domain of Life


Alyusha Maxim had actually grown up in Lyrabar itself, though in the sprawling slums that had taken particular hold during the Spellplague of last century. His first name translated to “he who teaches,” which he claimed was ironic, considering his background.

“Honor among thieves” had been an important notion to his friends and family as he had grown, but this changed when he was about ten years of age. His social leaders grew greedy, and brothers fought and killed each other. In fact, he entered a quarrel with his best friend, one Jack Kermx, over a coin purse. It ended in a knife fight that left his friend dead and Alyusha mortally wounded.

Alyusha stumbled to a nearby temple of Lathander, where a priest nursed him back to health. Having nothing meaningful to return to, he offered to stay and help at the temple. There he learned the ways of a cleric. He only left to find his fortune when, as an adult, the priest he owed his life to passed on.

Reasons for joining the Order:

Alyusha sought out the Order of the Shining Blade, as he had many things about the work they did in the world. Though a cleric of Lathander, he never studied much the world of gods or devils; instead, his religion was doing good to other people.


Description: Kobold Bard, College of Spirits (UA)


Berkin and his brother Carlux (Big Carl) hail from a hidden cave network in the northern Earthspur Mountains, just south of Ironfang Keep. They ran away from home when they witnessed their parents murdered by Nerumakia the Witch Lord, a powerful necromancer, when she took over their community, enslaving many kobolds in their tribe.

Reasons for joining the Order:

Berkin and his brother fled to the surface and were found by sympathetic agents of Torm’s Order, who committed them to a Torm-sponsored orphanage for demi-human children displaced by regional conflicts. Over time, they were recruited to the order when their talents were uncovered; Berkin was found to have a surprising gift with Bardic magic and a connection to the dead spirits of those friends and cousins that died when he escaped with his brother.

Berkin and his brother (a rare type of kobold, a one in a thousand, called a Swolbold, so named for his bulging muscles) hope together to one day take down Nerumakia and free their people.

Charli Adder

Description: Humanoid (Yuan-ti Pureblood) Rogue, Inquisitive Archetype (UA)


Charli joined the City Watch of the free city of Westgate (on the western coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars) as a teenager, eventually working his way up to the rank of investigator for the city watch.

Reasons for joining the Order:

Charli eventually parted ways with the City Watch, feeling too constricted by the day-to-day urban bureaucracy. He made his way to Impiltur, and to the Shining Blade. Here, the Order’s unique structure granted him access to significant resources, while still allowing him act as more of a free agent in the greater world.

Undisclosed Background:

The Order keeps a closed file on all its applicants and agents, visible only to squad leaders and their direct chain of command. This is Charli’s:

Charli Adder – Extended Background

Jasper Sootmane

Description: Goliath Fighter, Rune Knight


Jasper Sootmane was born to the Sootmane clan of the Giantspire Mountains, northeast of Impiltur. His clan was an odd one, as their main specialty was not hunting or trapping, but smithing. The iron-rich Giantspire Mountains with their many dangers pushed the Sootmane clan to develop smithing techniques in order to defend their territory from Hobgoblins, Bugbears, and even the occasional Giant. As a boy, Jasper was always interested in the Giants, as his clan’s forging techniques were supposedly taken from ancient Giant methods. Jasper, when not learning to smith or how to fight, would commonly search for Giants to observe. Against the warnings of his clan, he would find a Giant in the mountains to observe how they went about their day, from a safe distance of course.

This hobby brought ruin when he one day accidentally led a particularly angry Storm Giant directly to his Clan’s main camp. The Giant devastated the clan and left the camp in shambles, killing some of Jasper’s close friends in the process.

Reasons for joining the Order:

The Sootmane clan was forced to move to Impiltur, offering the long-sought secrets of their forging techniques in order to secure homes for themselves. They also managed to earn a membership for Jasper in Torm’s Order of the Shining Blade. Ever since, Jasper has diligently served the Order, gathering knowledge and resources for his ultimate goal: to create a weapon powerful enough to defend his clan from Giants.


Description: “Streetwise” Tabaxi (homebrew) Druid, Circle of the Moon / Demonhunter (third-party)


Rock in Water’s name comes from a time when, as a young kit, she attempted to catch a fish in the river. Instead, she fell straight in and sank like the rock she is named after and had to be fished out. She is wary of water and dislikes swimming in cat form.

Rock in Water was born and raised among the Tabaxi in the jungles of Cormanthor. Her family was merchant class, bartering and trading to gain valuable artifacts and relics. They dabbled in map-making as they traveled, keeping merchant maps for trade routes.

Rock in Water’s insatiable curiosity made her a poor fit for the merchant class, and so tried her paw at a variety of things- wandering for a few years, sometimes as a mercenary for hire, sometimes mending or tinkering, sometimes healing a bit here or there, even a stint at a monastery studying to be a monk, until a wise druid found her one day, struggling to meet the monastic standards. In his wise tutelage, she found a match for her restless enthusiasm for change, knowledge, and travel: as a wildshaping druid. Embracing shapes of every kind, she used her newfound talents to explore the city in new ways, seeking information, learning to fight, learning to adapt. Chasing new prey of secrets, magic, and lore.

Reasons for joining the Order:

It was this pursuit that ultimately led her to Torm’s doors, a chance to solidify what she was learning and becoming, a chance to challenge her self, a chance to prove she could do it. Ultimately, she hopes she can find some great relic, a tome of history, something spectacularly shiny…and make a name and a story of herself to take back to her Tabaxi clan someday with pride. In the meantime, if the quests came along with lots of curiosities, shiny things–and perhaps, some fish or milk at the end of the day–what Tabaxi wouldn’t be happy with such an outcome?

Recurring NPCs:

Felkar “the Flummoxer”

Description: Forest Gnome Wizard (Illusionist) / Rogue (Arcane Trickster)


Originally hailing from the city of Selgaunt (the capital of Sembia, on the western coasts of the Sea of Fallen Stars), Felkar spent most of his earlier years as a stage magician of some renown. While he never revealed how his illusions worked (or even if they were more magical or sleight-of-hand), he made certain his audience understood they were nothing but performance.

But the same could not be said of his peers. Felkar quickly bristled at how often other illusionists tapped into the mysticism of their show-goers for profit, offering divine consultations, services, or even seances with departed family that were far beyond their abilities. Unfortunately, he was alone in his dedication to openness and honesty, and he eventually found himself both ostracized and the target of ugly rumors in his old haunts.

Felkar ultimately decided to pack his bags and offer his talents to a more appreciative organization–Torm’s Order of the Shining Blade. He fit into his new role like a magician’s glove, and he rose quickly through the ranks to Inspector.

Personal Philosophy:

Each of the Order’s teams ultimately looks to its captain to set its tone and working interpretation of the Tenets. Thanks largely to his previous career, Felkar encourages a less heavy-handed approach to statements like “Permit no Perjury.” While he still will never tell an outright lie, he is fine with agents using misdirection or omission during their missions–as long as the pursuit of truth is still the ultimate goal.

“Each of us conveys falsehoods every day, whether or not we intend to,” he is known to have said. “No matter how truthful or accurate you aim to be, there will always be something that falls through the cracks–a misinterpreted word, a poor assumption on the part of the listener.

“At the end of the day, was there a net gain of truth in the world? Then that’s all you need to worry about.”


Historic characters are those whose players have moved on, or whose players have swapped their characters out.

Barney Irontoe

Description: Dwarf Monk, Drunken Master
Appearances: Chapter 9

Gorodash “the Forthright”

Description: Orc Paladin, Oath of Truth (homebrew)


Gorodash was a gray orc from the land of Damara (a few hundred miles north of Impiltur), where orc tribes were numerous and generally well-accepted by neighboring humans. Gorodash, like many of his tribe, followed the god orc Gruumsh, but the cruelty of the orcs’ traditional patron god had become an issue for Gorodash and many of his family. (Indeed, the worship of Gruumsh was more from tradition for the gray orcs.) Gorodash was a somewhat high-ranking adolescent in his tribe when he became arranged to be married to a noble human girl from the Duchy of Arcata. He had reservations about the arrangement, to say the least.

While en route to the rendezvous point, his tribe was attacked by human bandits. His father and brother were slain, and the arrangement no longer seemed pertinent. After avenging his family, Gorodash attempted to head home on his own. Unfortunately, he was attacked a second time by a few bandits that had continued to trail him; only being rescued in time by a Cleric of Torm (one Jerebeth Orision) and several monks. Gorodash fell unconscious from exhaustion and was taken to their temple to heal.

Gorodash never returned to his tribe, deciding it better for them to believe he died with the rest of his family. He made his home in the temple and continued to better himself, pursuing martial studies and dedicating himself to Torm, the god he credited with his survival.

Eventually Gorodash headed out into the world in search of good deeds to be done and adventures to be had. He encountered Rock in Water, his Tabaxi friend, and they began traveling together. When they defeated the witch at the windmill, they received an invitation to join Torm’s Shining Blade. Gorodash saw this as divine providence and didn’t think twice.

Reasons for joining the Order:

“Everybody needs a purpose. I’m not the sort to sit and kneel at a temple. I need to get out and do something physical.”

Appearances: Chapters 1-7

Finric (and Fang)

Description: Ghostwise Halfling Ranger, Beast Master (UA) variant option
Appearances: Chapters 7-8


Description: Mountain Dwarf Wizard, School of Abjuration


Having been born in a mundane mountain during the Year of Blue Fire itself, Grigori felt the urge to stretch his legs. He left for the road at the tender age of fifty, joining a small traveling caravan of many misfit sorts. There he plied his welcome skills as a chef and toured the world with his friends. The other wagon-goers were happy enough to have him, since he contributed as a chef.

Eventually, he wished to advance his understanding of the arcane, and there was only so much that could be done while on the road. He left them at eighty and continued on his own, eventually joining the Order when he was one-hundred and thirty six.

Reasons for joining the Order:

Arcane magic and the culinary arts share deep similarities to Grigori. After all, when one is crafting a soup, the more experience one has, the more ingredients that are available, and the more nuanced the flavors, the better the end result will be. Grigori ultimately applied to the Order to better broaden his education and his horizons.

Appearances: Chapters 1-5


Description: Human Bard, College of Eloquation (UA)


Gifted with the written word and a passion to understand cultures, Orrin excelled at politics and history at school. His most recent assignment as diplomat was the Dragonborn nation of Tymanther, where Unther used to be.

Reasons for joining the Order:

Hearing rumors of an Order that sought the truths in the world; Orrin made the decision to attempt to join their ranks. He believed that, any such organisation would be able to both provide him with the knowledge and the ability to accomplish personal goals, goals still kept secret.

Appearances: Chapter 5


Description: Tabaxi Catkind (homebrew) Rogue, Arcane Trickster
Appearances: Chapters 1-3.


Description: Half-Elf Sorcerer, Aberrant bloodline (UA)


Shudder was taken away into slavery by the drow in the Underdark when she was very young, where she was taught hunting, trapping, (life skills) etc.  She managed to buy her freedom after manipulating her way through her captive family using her force of personality, telepathy, magical talents and eerie unnerving appearance and eventually found her own way to the Overworld. There she was shunned by its inhabitants and spent her teenage-early 30’s living alone in the wilderness.

Reasons for joining the Order:

Believing her existence as an abomination, she wanted to find a way that her talents could be of use. Normally avoiding towns, usually only subsisting on pelts she would trade in small villages, one day her loneliness got the better of her. She encountered Gorodash, Rock-in-Water, Asura, and Grigori near the town of Bayn o’Boon. After helping defeat the ghostly witch, she was invited to apply for the Order. The invitation hit home. She wanted to find out the truth of who she was, she had these powers that manifested at a young age and weird physical abnormalities that were so unlike other of her kind (Half elf-most likely drow). She sees Thorm’s Shining Blade as a place where her abilities could really “shine”…where she could contribute meaningfully as all she really longs for is a family to call her own.

Appearances: Chapters 1-5

Character Creation

Creating a Character

Characters are created using the 27 point-buy system. (A “standard array” of 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 is a legal result with the 27 point-buy system.)

Sourcebooks allowed

Characters should be indigenous to Faerûn. Therefore, official WotC books like Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, and Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything are core material. Other sources like the Sword Coast’s Adventure’s Guide, are also permissible.

Regarding Unearthed Arcana, the new Tasha’s will supersede UA content wherever applicable. Check with the DM first before using anything from playtest material.


Follow the notes on the Requisition Note page to determine what equipment is legal for your level.


If you are planning on writing your own character, jot down answers to at least the following:

  • “Where did you come from?” Give me an idea of their upbringing and relative social class. If you like, I can suggest some area in nearby Faerûn that fits the description.
  • “Why did you join the Order, specifically?” This could be nearly anything, as long as the character is interested in somehow furthering knowledge.
  • (OPTIONAL) A backstory. Not every character needs to have a tragic backstory or be currently wrestling with demons from their past, just like not everyone in real life does either. However, if you’d like, you can write a more involved history for your character. Additionally, if you’d like, I can tie it in to the main story in the campaign. (Again, this is entirely optional, so don’t feel pressured if it’s not your thing.) If you do, you might want to PM it to me directly to keep it under wraps..