Torm's Order of the Shining Blade

Welcome to the Order

Side Quest (Level 4): Shemshime

A group of Order students runs an errand to Candlekeep to complete their training. But they quickly become trapped, victims to a rising terror and an infectious melody...

10.3. A Hall of Echoes

The agents reach the center of the mystery in Hlondeth, where threads from their last six adventures are drawn together. But these secrets exact a price, and one of their own will not survive...

10.2. A Pit of Vipers

Our adventurers sink deeper into a web of shady politics and backroom dealings, where it seems every contact holds an ulterior motive, and every shadow a blade...

10.1. The City of Serpents

The agents pursue several leads at once in the large subtropical port city of Hlondeth, Charli's old hometown. Here, political machinations are as subtle, innumerable, and deadly as the vipers the city is named for...

9.2. Dragon’s Liar

Through careful consideration, fancy footwork, and tenacious teamwork, the party has delved deep into Korvicros's lair. But what fork-tongued foe awaits them at its heart?

9.1. Savings Ensured

The agents must descend into the dungeon-like vault of Lyrabar's Royal Bank and Trust and discover what ills the dragon that guards the nation's assets...

Interlude 2: Close to Home

The team holds a celebratory feast at a renowned dining establishment; but something always goes wrong...

8.3. Spirit Trap

The agents follow the supernatural trail to its end, finally coming face-to-face with the last entities they ever anticipated...

8.2. Something Evil

The wheels of the house begin to turn, but the agents must still investigate the realms of Stardeep, Sildëyuir, and Shadow before all secrets are revealed...

8.1. House on Haunted Hill
The agents' journey returns them to Aglarond, to a mysteriously-abandoned keep of the Red Wizards, where only silence and specters remain...
7.3. That Should Not Be

The agents contact the kuo-toa before departing the Underdark, but they are quickly pulled into a desperate plot to halt the awakening of a new and unholy god...

7.2. What Dreams May Come

The agents learn that the only way to remove their psychic programming is by venturing into a mystical demiplane crafted from thoughts and dreams, and dealing with what they find there...

7.1. A Glimmer of Hope

Our agents descend into the depths of the Underdark, hoping against hope that one of the "psionic" species that live around the Glimmersea might be able to undo the ticking time-bomb inside their minds...

6.2. The Belly of the Beast

Trapped within a colony of oozes masquerading as a dungeon, the agents must make good their escape before being summarily digested...

6.1. The Skin of Another

The agents commit to a traditional "dungeon crawl," but they soon discover their mission is anything but standard...

5.3. Beyond the Veil

The agents plan their deepest foray into the inner workings of the Songhal necropolis, daring the wrath of those sitting atop the Stormspire...

5.2. The Circus Comes to Town

Parading their talents as nothing more than stage magic, the agents begin to unravel the mystery behind an increasingly unsettling town...

5.1. Of Flesh and Favors

Our heroes must brave the wiles of a reclusive hag before venturing to a city where all magic has been outlawed...

Interlude 1: A Name of Their Own

The agents are introduced to their new team and new handler, and they take steps towards their first official mission as agents of the Order...

4.2. And the Mountains

Literally imprisoned in hell, our students must battle devils and challenge infernal laws if they ever hope to escape...

4.1. In the Bleak Midwinter

For their final exam, our students visit the mountaintop town of Coventry, where a magical blizzard traps them with hellish foes...

3. Spring Festival

Our students' four-day passes are put at risk when their commons area is trashed by a mischievous entity...

2. The “Gauntlet”

To become enrolled in official Order training, our prospectives must first pass a gauntlet designed to test their mettle...

1. Bayn o’Boon

A spooky harvest festival is beset by dangers beyond the grave, as a village hides a dark and damning past...

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“That which can be destroyed by the truth, deserves to be.”


Do you have a heart for truth? Do you thirst for knowledge? Do you make regular trips to the library, hoping for some new book to grace the shelves? Do you secretly desire to join academia? Do you wish to travel, to see the world as it really stands? Do you bristle at petty gossip and rumor-spreading?

Do you long to bring bludgeoning justice to those who profit from deception?

If so, we have the position for you! Torm’s Order of the Shining Blade is a world-renowned organization, famous for funding libraries, building schools, and assisting the crown in matters of scrying and divination.

We are recruiting members from all races and all walks of life, to work in spreading the light of truth to all reaches of the globe.

If you are:

• a bard who loves collecting ancient stories and legends,
• a paladin who wishes to devote themselves to the pursuit of truth,
• a cleric with a passion for knowledge,
• a man “of many talents” who has a knack for teasing out secrets,
• a druid with eyes in every treetop and under every floorboard,

• a ranger capable of flushing out hidden targets,
• a magical scryer of distant lands and the future,
• a necromancer who communes directly with departed spirits,
• or even a veteran brawler who can “shake down” a mark,

then we want you!

As a member of the esteemed Order, you might be tasked with recovering sensitive material used in bribery, assisting local law enforcement in magical homicide cases, locating lost tomes of lore, protecting public figures against character assassination, or even infiltrating an occult organization to bring them down from the inside.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then contact your local officer of the Shining Blade! We will set you directly to work, training for your new position in our Order.

Welcome aboard!

~~ * ~~


“Torm’s Order of the Shining Blade” is intended to be an intrigue-heavy campaign. Missions will focus heavily on research, information-gathering, and sleuthing. Combat will be present, but it will not be the core of the campaign, nor will it generally be the best way to accomplish all objectives.

“To Light and Truth!”