The Dark Haunt Campaign Setting


“Victorian Rome.”

If the Roman empire had survived to see the New World and its own industrial revolution, then such might be the world of Iqador [‘iːˌkədɔr].

Iqador may seem like a shiny and inviting enough place on the surface.  An enlightened “Age of Reason” has seized the nation of Veritan, and many advancements have been made in science and technology.  Cities tower on new continents, and citizens enjoy the fresh comforts of gas lights and heating and steam-assisted horses.


But all is not as perfect as it seems.  Horrors lie hidden behind closed shutters, and residents firmly latch their doors at night, whispering unspoken prayers to secret gods.  Something stirs unseen in the dark depths of the capital.


Join our heroes as they discover both their place in this world and in the next.

This is Dark Haunt.

Text color key:
Blue: Events in the physical Iqador.
Gray: Events in the Shadow Realm.
Green: Editor notes.

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